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Pastels in L'Anvers

Artesis Yesterday I went to Antwerp. It was a beautiful day with a lot of sun, it made antwerp more beautiful than it already was. The reason for my visit was school. I'm considering to study in Antwerp, "Toegepaste Taalkunde" at Artesis. Though I'm not really sure wich study 'll fit me better, the one in Antwerp , Maastricht or Leiden. I have a lot to think about. If the education was the same at all institutes I would prefer to live in Antwerp.



BLOODMILK I'm so amazed by the beautiful items you can buy at etsy stores. The first one you can buy at bloodmilk and the other one is from Rejoicethehands. 


Collar chic

Collar Chic

H&M TREND I bought this dress a couple of days ago and I totally adore it. The texture, color (darkblue)and pockets are of an extremely high quality. You can wear it in very different ways. Like a dress, a shirt and under a sweater to only see the collar. I will go to Maastricht tomorrow, where I can take some outfitpics. Promise you I will post you one this week, I hope I can find a photographer!


Little treasures

My own little treasures

Bag - Thriftstore Rotterdam 
Earrings - H&M
Sunglasses - H&M
Sweater & Blue dress - H&M Trend
Skull ring - Claire's
Stonering - Pieces

Treasures: This week I've had the time to treat myself with new stuff. Some of my findings you can see above. The shoes from ZARA are the perfect basic and cheap clasic heel. Not too big but sweetbig. I'm so in love with my bag, it costs 1,50, can you believe it?! Have a lovely weekend, you all!

Living in green days

Green days
source: Stine Vikne, my blomquist, google

Photography @ Holiday

Skiiing in nature '11

Super Devoluy - La joue du loup 
private collection



Akris FW ‘11

Akris I must say that I haven't really noticed Akris before, because of a not-loveable collection couple of years ago. Maybe my style is became different, but I adore this FallWinter collection. I love the bright shades of brown and mustardyellow. The print of the last two dresses are amazing.


Celine FW'11

Celine I'm amazed by their beautiful browns coats, some are quite minimalistic but powerful. Phoebe Philo pulls it off everytime. 


Wicked hair


 source: Hanneli.com
Good inspiration for summer hair!