Lombok & Bali

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Indonesia has been a wonderful trip with lots of happiness! I've started the trip with my roomie in Lombok and ended alone in Bali. She left Lombok for the real reason why she came to Indonesia, internship! So basically it was a real adventure for the first time alone. But sickness couldn't stop me for exploring landscapes, experiencing culture and meeting local people. Climbing the Gunung Rinjani was one of the highlights of my vacation , so as Menjangan Island. That's the place where I've seen the most beautiful creature in my ever-seen-animal-world , a seaturtle! My ultimate feeling of happiness was at that moment. 
Basically I do not want to stop discovering the world, it's what I love the most. My love and I already made plans for next year. Afrika as it will be!


Heavy metal

heavy metal

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I'm already preparing for winter (badbad) So for winter I'm more into dark / black items. I love layers especially with some mixed fabrics and some nice jewelry. Still looking for a perfect brownish fake-fur...