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hairstyle to do
photo: The fashion spot
How much inspiration can you take out of this, TO SICK! But for her, it is nothing new.
 A look into my wardrobe
Shoes Thriftstore, Pants episode, Brown vest Thriftstore, Scarf HongKong

Lavendergarden @ Damstyle

Ernesto Che Guevara
photo by me 


animal influences

Rick Owens furniture
source: zoekmachine

 Rock & Roll. As you have been noticing, I always wear my hair in a dot. It definitely isn't the only thing I can do with my hair. Because I've had short hair (still do) it is hard to find something look good on you. I went from long hair to a half-shaved head 2,5 years ago. Then 2 years ago I cut it like really short and I regretted it. Now I want my hair to grow, as long as it can be. But i'm starting to like my "short hair". So I hope the bad-hair days are over soon, so I can wear it as I want to.

As I promised I made some pictures of my" white room". I can't show it to you now, because my laptop doesn't connect with my camera, strange! Anyways, I will post it as soon as possible. Tomorrow is my birthday, so my boyfriend and I are going to The Hague or Rotterdam to go to a gallery & Amsterdam to have dinner and find something for my familyfriends birthday party. I'm to curious about my presents since my mom told me she ordered something from London, what the heck can it be? So sleep tight!


"Inspire me wild"

1. shoulder-lenght hair
2. high-waist pants
3. I'm going nuts


So, we (two friends and me) organised a dinner to let our parents meet each other. I had a bless. Stella made a salad with goat-cheese &  pine nuts. I made the main course: Pasta pesto with smoked chicken and peas. & Irene fabricated a "grand dessert"

pictures taken 22.01.11

1. Kop van Zuid,Rotterdam
2. Kop van Zuid,Rotterdam
3. Night view, Maastricht

Maastricht Today I'm going back to Maastricht. Next week I will have 4 exams (Chinese writing, Culture of China&Japan, Business & organization law, Dutch writing) So I really have to study! But I have something to look out to, because Friday is my birthday. I'm turning 20! wihoee. Enjoy the weekend


photo: Hat episode, Coat H&M , pants H&M , shoes Timberland, bag A Bathing Ape

 Photo exhibition ANGRY young & radical
photo: coat monki ,scarf episode, bag pandora, blouse thriftstore, jeans cheap monday, shoes urban outfitters.

photo: Chair IKEA, bag woerdenbach, Granny shoes, blazer, bracelets @ thriftstore 

New findings Friday I went to our local thriftstore. My heart stopped when I found these gorgeous granny shoes. And oh so cheap! I also shopped a jeansblouse one blazer and a brown vest, very ChloƩ like, and some accessoires.. I'm already in love with the blouse and shoes..
Today I went on a date with my boyfriend. We went to Rotterdam to visit a gallery. (ANGRY jong & radicaal) They had these beautiful photo's about young radical people, RMS, Beautiful landscapes... I will post some of my photos sooon!| I wish you all a lovely weekend 


She is the shit! I bought my Lykke Li ticket for 9 april 2011. Party! I'm going with my travelmate (last year Hong Kong-Beijing) So I'm very excited. Tonight I'm going to have dinner with my two best friends and our parents. We're going to cook for them. I will show you some pictures of my room, new clothes & dinner very soon. stay tuned...


Mother Nature brings awe-inspiring wide open places.

I'd founded all images at Tumblr. & posted it on my old blog
Tommy Ton @ Milan’s fashion week 2011

Home, sweet home grrrr... I've finally got internet again. My internet at my student room definitely is the worst! So I'm glad to be home. This weekend I made some pictures of my room. So I will try to show it to you guys soon.