Color nuances

color nuances | beige, wood, red-brown

blouse: Thriftstore , skirt: Episode , wooden bag: Thriftstore , heels: Zara , ring: Claire's

Last week I've bought this brown blouse at the triftstore. For summer I want to combine colors. Nudes with whites , Darkblue with jeans, I'm into it at the moment. So when I found my beige tulip skirt I knew it would be a match! I normally wear my brown granny shoes with it but I couldn't find them. 
Ps: I was in need for new hair, do you like it? I didn't want to shave it at the side because I've already done that 3 years ago. time for a change!


Colourful April

pictures: Tumblr + dora's fur 

I LOVE summer, it makes me happy. Sun makes me happy. So I'm making my wishlist for summer. I want to buy more jewelry, silver ones and crystal necklaces. Use more color, and wear flowers like a headband. Yes I'm already excited!


get ready for summer

carolina engman - life by ida - summerlisten

Lykke Li

I follow rivers
Last.fm + TFS
The past two weeks where very busy, I had to study for some very important tests. I couldn't find the time to blog in between, I'm sorry you guys! I still have to find a way to connect my camera to my laptop, I can't understand why it still does not work whenever I need it. Because there are some pictures I want to share,like:  my new necklace, backless shirt and some Lykke Li concert pictures. I hope they're blogworthy enough! In the meantime I will post some inspiration posts. Hope you all have a lovely end of the week!


bob marley

There's nothing like good wether and listening to Bob Marley. Do NOT forget the Chocolat chip cookies!!!!


culture invasion


This is a small results of cleaning my laptop, that is why I don't know what the sources are.. 
Some are from oraclefox I think.


beauty perfection

picture: columbine smile

finishing touch

Finishing touch love color lips
I found my red lipstick again. I must say that I will wear it more often, it can make a minimalistic look very special. It'll suit very well with my new backless shirt and zara heels. Today it's going to be a lovely day so all enjoy it. Sadly I have to study really hard for my tests, I hope I'll get a sunny glow from laying in the garden. 
ps: I don't understand paintbrush that well, SORRY