Look what I've found in my overstuffed wardrobe. I bought this dress 2 years ago at Topshop. I had to have it. I couldn't care less that it was 2 sizes bigger than my regular size. That is probably the reason why I did'nt wear it so often. But I still have this weakness for flowerdresses. I own 5 of them. I recently bought the perfect flowerdress. Hope to show it to you soon! 

I've changed my summerplans. I'm not going to visit Java and Bali. I've decided to change my plans for a bid and go island-hopping. I'm going to visit the Gili-islands, Lombok and Roti , Alor at Timor. I'm pretty sure my plans could change because of the overbooked flights and overbooked cottages. But I'll try to make it work somehow. for now I can only dream about the beautiful landscapes, because I'm leaving in 3 weeks. Hope time will fly! Tips are more than welcome 



HOME INSPIRATION | Marie Olsson Nylander
source: mixr.se

I discovered a rich source of different kinds of interior/ home inspiration. I secretly hope my house would be as beautiful and arty as you can see above. For that I have to work really hard though. I do not mind at all!

Living like a bohemian

sources: loversinvain, somethings gone awry


cheerful elegance

Cheerful elegance 


I'm still looking for the perfect bohemian summerdress. Long at the back and short at the front!


PURCHASES| New heels

  PURCHASES| New Heels 
either hate or love them! I obviously love them 



vest: DIY from a dress - shirt, belt, bag : Episode - shorts AA - sunglasses Thriftstore

Last couple of weeks I worked my ass off. School and work, but it earned me some money for shopping. (Everything that I'm wearing is new) I bought this denim short at American Apparel. It was quite expensive though, but it fits perfect. I also bought some pair of shoes , which you can see tomorrow. Couldn't resist them!