nails and piercings

Christmas Hope you all had a lovely christmas! I spend the last three days with my family and boyfriends family. We ate lots of food, like fresh tuna, pumpkin soup, salad with cranberries, red cabbage and pancakes. We definitely ate enough for the whole week. My boyfriend bought me the most beautiful loafers and silk lingerie. In turn I gave him a black pair of new balances and some orange socks! I also got metal fake-nails (yeey) some silver rings, nailpolish, a photo album and a photography course. We watched some old christmas movies and brought some flowers to family spirits. Definitely a wonderful christmas. So I've crossed black loafers from my wishlist, and 've put some piercings and nail metals in return..

heise he baise





I'm so into illustrations at the moment, somehow these drawings/illustrations bring me back to the "mommy, read me a story before I go to sleep" part. source


White nuances

   source: two birds on a branch and other tumblr

     I wish I could paint or illustrate, have my own appartment with perfect white walls and various kinds of wooden 
    accesoires and I (already) wish for summer


   source: tumblr
 Although It's a little bit cold to wear loafers during winter, I've put them on my christmas wish list!

candles + bottle

Candles (with bottle) are a perfect finishing touch on a romantic dinner for two


INTERIOR| Charlotte Rust

   HOME INSPIRATION| Charlotte Rust

leaves leaves leaves

    leaves leaves leaves


這個星期我很忙, 因為下個星期一(中文)考試開始, 讓我很緊張!可是不去上網看網誌很難。 我最喜歡看網誌和看“tumblr",你有沒有看我的”tumblr"?三個月以前我在H&M賣了這個紫圍巾,我練習了做一個頭巾。可是做頭巾做得很難。

So I'm really busy with school these last couple of days, my exams start next monday, so nervous! But it is so hard to stay away from internet, because i'm really addicted to blogs and tumblr. Have you seen mine ? ( I bought this purple scarf at H&M, I've tried to make a turban (that's the reason I bought it) but my skills aren't that good ) I must succeed!


Binki Shapiro

    GIRL CRUSH | Binki Shapiro

source: fuckyeahbinkishapiro

 Binki Shapiro, 25, "Little Joy" vocalist


十二月八號 | Details

    十二月八號 | Details

我希望你們的週末很有意思,我的週末很忙。今天早上我去工作了。今天晚上我跟我男朋友去一個聚會, 因為明天是我從的生日。祝你們週末快樂!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend so far, mine started yesterday by making homemade pizza for my boyfriend and parents. I made three pizzas in total, one with tuna, onions , pineapple and mozzarella and two pizza with tomatoes, parma ham and mozzarella with lots of species and rocket salad! After diner my boyfriend and I went to the cinema. Today I had to work!  In a few minutes I'll be heading to my cousins birthday! Enjoy your weekend  



 Blouse - thriftstore, yellowshirt - episode , brown suede skirt - episode , bracelet - Lombok , hat- H&M