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picture from Weareyouneak
I love this combination, especially that dress and vest! They mix so well together. So colorful yet so minimalistic..



    二零零十二年一月二十號 | details

Yesterday I invited my friends  to (pre) celebrate my 21th birthday. The whole day I'd been busy cooking and baking food for my guests. Because I love cooking , I made a very large dinner for 8 of my closest friends.  The menu consisted of broccoli soup and some multigrain baguettes + homemade garlic butter as entree, pasta salad with tuna , apple, feta cheese, one thousand island dressing and a salad with schnitzel, tomatoes, cucumber, pine nuts, italian herbs and balsamic dressing as the main course.  For drinks I'd made (sweet) fresh lime juice. For dessert I've mixed some delicious walnut ice cream, walnuts and maple syrup together. I also baked 2 sorts of brownies and a sacher torte, which obviously was too much. Even though I had a bless! My friends gave me lots of fun gifts like, a grill pan, strawberry forks, vanilla tea, shower mousse, coconut body butter, some disposables and monki vouchers. So far the best birthday I've ever had. 

plants and flowers

    INTERIOR | Plants and flowers
I believe flowers and plants make a room revive!  They are necessary. But I can't stand the fact that flowers die so soon, even though they still cost a fortune. In that case, plants are a good second option. (source picture tumblr)

Kim Noorda

Kim Noorda by viktor vauthier


whales in costa rica

  source: tumblr

    Somehow I've always had a passion for aquatic animals. I've collected dolphins statuettes ever since I was little. Eventually I've thrown them away and start to pay more attention to seaturtles and whales. So when I saw a whale with his calf swimming around in the ocean of Cost Rica I couldn't be more thrilled. I wish I could live that enthusiastic moment all over again. 



pants - Monki , blouse and coat - thriftstore

daydreaming about interior

source Tumblr

minimalistic silver

rings H&M 

I'm seriously addicted to rings, sad enough I ALWAYS lose them, so I bought a couple of these rings to make sure I'll   have them for a very long time! They are so minimalistic yet so perfect!