OUTFIT| Colored pants boho


Annabelle Dexter-Jones

GIRL CRUSH | Annabelle Dexter -Jones
model - age 24? - famous brothers - country girl - laid back style - messy hair - girlish style wth boyish accents


we do dungarees

source: Tumblr
In search for the perfect dungaree , short pants off course 


Zara's tales

PHOTOGRAPHER | Peter Beard : Zara’s Tales 
sources: Peterbeard.com, google images

Two or three years ago my boyfriend gave me the book "Influences", Peter Beard was one of the most inspiring persons. The photographs looked amazing. I ran into his name on internet again. I love his way of mixing drawings, photographs , natural materials such as blood and texts/lines. It's as the pictures come alive. I've always had a thing with Africa, my dream country. He makes me want to go there even more! 


Neon nailpolish & colored bracelets

Neon nailpolish and colored beach-like bracelets
source: Vintage is the new black

I'm searching for some yellow and pink neon nailpolish and some colored bracelet, but I think this will be on my wishlist from Indonesia


TRAVELS | Summer 2011

a magical journey through Indonesia
sources: Tumblr

TRAVELS | Last week I've booked a ticket to Jakarta. I'm going to backpack through Java and Bali with my roomie (In august). We do not have a full schedule yet, but I'm sure we're going to visit Karimum Jawa, Bromo vulcano, Ijen crater , Bali and Borobudur

OUTFIT| Colored pants boho


vest & necklace - Thriftstore , pants - Episode , shirt - Insight , sandals H&M

I usually feel most comfortable in oversized clothes, don't ask me why, but I do. That's why I love summer so much, my style becomes different from my winterstyle, weird enough. During the winter I love dark colors, especially black. but when it turns to spring/summer I adore colors. Then I mean every color, flowers, for example the colors from the 80'. And printed clothes, jumpsuit/bodysuit! I like to mix it with leather brown shoes/sandals.


something gone awry

Beautiful summer inspiration by something gone awry
all pictures: something gone awry


Robotshoe - Balenciaga cutoutshoes

I've seen these beauties on mary-kate and rumi neeley. I'm into cut-out things at this moment. Like cut-out dresses, how sexy! These shoes are killing! 1100 dollar, (VERY) little too much for a student hihi



picture one Vanillascented - picture two something gone awry


Nicaraguan beauty

  Nicaraguan beauty: Bianca Perez-Mora Macias 
Bianca Perez-Mora Macias - inspiring person - human rights activist - 70's - style-icon - nicaraguan beauty - aka Bianca Jagger - friend of Andy Warhol - Peter Beard


Gorillas in the mist

With no doubt: Gorillas in the mist is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. A biography of a woman , named Diane Fossey, which life was dedicated to the monkeys. 


OUTFIT| Yellowmustard

yellowmustard still is my weakness
Headcandy - hindistore , Bodysuit wearing as shorts - H&M , Rings - ASOS, Shoes - Nelly , Hat - H&M , Blouse - Thriftstore

YellowmustardI think almost everyone who knows me have seen me in a lot of yellow outfits at high school. They even called me kanarie at some point. I quit wearing it because I didn't like the color anymore. But I couldn't leave this comfy blouse at the thriftstore. I'm not really sure if it matches my hair though. Well I'll find out tomorrow when I'm visiting my best friend in  Antwerp.. I hope I can find some jewelry and pieces for some summeroutfits. What do you think of my platforms,wonhundred look-a-like?? I had to fight really hard for them but I can say, I'm already obsessed!


Zippora Seven

Zippora Seven
sources: TFS, Fuckyeahzipporaseven
I'm in love with the lilac/lavender colors! Inspiration for summer