relaxing sunday

hat- H&M , jeansblouse - thriftstore, lace white top - Queensday , grandpapants - monki

My classes started this week, so I have a busy schedule. 
Traveling by train is more exhausting than I thought. 

Underground London creepers

  Meet my new creepers
creepers - Underground London



Orange lipstick

   orange lipstick.

source: make-upxo

Yes, I finally found what I was looking for. Since I love to  wear a lot of black during winter, I decided     to add some color in various ways, like a perfect lipstick or a headband. Well it is quit contradictory because I've never worn or even liked lipstick. So no lipgloss for me, no shine. Just a matte lipstick to color your lips. Believe me, it is really hard to find a cheap matte lipstick. Surprisingly I found a perfect lipstick at HEMA. I think the price is around €3 - €4. I bought moisturizing lipstick color 55. It's not as bright as the color above but it still is perfect.


sources: various Tumblr


Mother nature

source: louisesfashiontale

When I was in Indonesia I noticed this weird fascination: TREES! I could stare at them for hours. Only to look at different kinds of shapes, tree trunks or leaves brought me a sort of peace. Strangely, not only because of the trees. But also because of the silence that surrounds them. They fascinate me because they have been there all along. We can only breath through and because of their existence.