photo: T-shirt: H&M necklace: Only Gillet: Cheap Fashion

Maastricht So far it has been a very boring weekend. But it's not going to change for this whole month. My love is in Paris right now. Well, not for fun but for the Paris Open '11. He's a Dutch Karateka. You can follow his sportblog. This picture was made in my room. As you can see everything is all white. I will make some pictures of my furniture soon. I'm still a poor student, so don't expect to much!

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  1. Wat een super leuke foto! en hoop dat je vriendje snel terug komt?


  2. Merci Beaucoup, Ja zeker weten! Ik ben jaloers op je opleiding! x

  3. Wat een leuk gilet. Ik volg je! Succes met je blog!X


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