Peking & HongKong ‘10 part 1 

Ngo oi heung gong

Hong Kong Last year I went to HongKong & Beijing. Not with friends , with an organisation that organized home-stay & culture-trips called Lions. I've met a lot of people there, It is such a nice place to visit and to meet new people. Although everyone looks at you because you don't have brown hair & brown eyes. I made a lot of friends from over the world. China, Hong Kong, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, .. al kinds of places. I visited lots of places so I will show you guys one by one. If there are any questions about Hong Kong, you can contact me. For example, where to go, beautiful beaches, mountains, shopping? Anything.
I went to Macau, Mainland, Beijing, The great wall (not in Beijing), and every place in Hong Kong, Lantau Island, Hong Kong Island, New territories, Soho..

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  1. wauw, lijkt me super gaaf om daar heen te gaan.

  2. Mooi reis heb je gemaakt! Wat vond je van Macau? Apart hè! Ik heb een paar dagen geleden ook een stukje gepost over Hong Kong, wat een bijzondere stad.
    Ik ga je blog volgen, leuk!

  3. Hey! I love your blog and you are such a pretty girl. When I read this post about Hong Kong, I thought about my little sister, right now she´s there for 1 year. And I will go there in few weeks visiting her. She lives in a hostfamily in Hong Kong Island. Which places do you recommend to visit or what experiences did you have in HK?

    Bye and thanks for the answer :)



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