Boyish look

Hat & Blouse H&M

Boyish Look: Last week I bought this shirt from H&M, it's just an ordinary blouse. Although It looks boyish, I'm so into it right now.  I'm just not that girlie girlie girlie kind of girl if you know what I mean. I love high waisted pants/everything, boyish loafers, jumpsuits Ps: sorry for bad blogging, this week was not the best one for me, but I will make some pictures of my outfit tomorrow and post them at the end of next week. I owe you guys 2 outfitpictures ? Wish you all a lovely weekend. I wasn't really in the mood for make-up today, so I can look different

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  1. Ik HOU van hoedjes en blousjes! :) Heb inmiddels een aardig collectie opgebouwd, haha. Hij staat je super!


  2. Het hoedje staat je goed!

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