798 Art zone - Beijing

picture by me

798 Art zone was probably the most enjoyable visit of my Peking visit. (Great wall not included) It is a "neighborhood" with all kinds of shops, art galleries & artshops. You see lots of paintings, drawings, 3D and statues. Every corner of this "park" has it's own story. It is also a place where you can buy lots of nice clothes, books, accessory. We didn't had enough time to see everything, which I regret. So I would love to go back again! It defenitly is a must-see must-go for all the people that are interested in art & fashion. Last week I found out that the office of VOGUE CHINA is located there.

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  1. Ik vond dat gedeelte ook qua kunst erg leuk en origineel en heel aparte dingen hadden ze daar te koop. Ik ben er 2 keer heen geweest en als ik de kans krijg ga ik weer een kijkje nemen:). Ik denk dat ik je blog ga volgen ;).



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